Take 3 for the Sea

Tuesday 01 November 2016

We are very excited to announce that Elouera is taking part of the Take 3 SLSC Project! Take 3 is an amazing initiative that has been set up with the support of the Governments Environmental Trust.

The basic message behind Take 3 is "Pick it Up, Bin it, Take 3 for the Sea".

Leave only foot prints.

A very simple message, Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere and you've made a difference.

Surf Life Saving Clubs are the biggest users of the sea, so it makes sense that we pitch in and help save our oceans.

A few quick facts

  • 80% of all rubbish ends up in the sea.
  • 70% of that rubbish sinks
  • over 1 million seabirds die from ingesting plastic each year
  • over 100,000 marine animals die each year from ingesting plastic, these include dolphins, turtles, whales, seals
  • over 6.5 million tonnes of debris enters the ocean each year

Over this Nipper season we are going to be educating our Nippers and parents about the importance of picking up rubbish and we will be conducting a couple of clean up days and record data from rubbish collected and input into the Australian Marine Debris Database.

I am absolutely passionate about keeping our environment clean, I know anyone that belongs to a surf club feels the same way!  If you would like to get involved please email me Toni Webber on eloueratake3@gmail.com. Please like their Facebook page Take 3 SLSC Project or their Instagram #take3forthesea. Please feel free to come and speak to me on a Nipper day as well (I am with the u12 boys).

Together we can make a difference! Say no to plastic!




Take 3 for the Sea