Elouera Nipper Guide

The aim of this Guide Book is to ensure that nippers are able to work as a team for the benefit and advantage of Elouera SLSC.

It is hoped that everything you need to know about Elouera Nippers is contained in this guide. It gives the guidelines that our Instructors and Age Managers will abide by when selecting teams and, most importantly, explains the standards that nippers need to achieve when aspiring to represent Elouera SLSC.

You can download the Nippers Guide book by clicking the link below.

Elouera Guide Elouera Guide

Summary - Junior Surf Sports Events (from SLSA)


Board Lease Agreement Form 2017-18 Season

Elouera Nippers - Board Lease Agreement Form 2017-18 Season

Award Summaries For Ages U6 - U13 (from SLSA)


Awards Qualifications Chart U10 - U18

Awards Qualifications Chart